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CertaOne Small
Prefabricated Data Centre Solution

Supports IT loads of up to 15 kW per rack

The CertaOne small prefab DC is an advanced modular and prefabricated data centre infrastructure solution to house, power and manage modern ICT equipment within a simple, economical and reliable power & environment system. This prefabricated modular data centre includes an integrated power system for both AC and DC, energy-saving water-cooled or air cooled in-row cooling system, automatic fire detection & suppression system and intelligent management system as alternative to traditional data centre infrastructure. As a prefabricated product that is available within 8 weeks lead time, it shortens sourcing and deployment times significantly. With standard ISO shipping container dimensions, transportation cost is reduced. The Small DC is equipped with the Huawei’s NetEco6000 management system which allows centralised remote monitoring and unified management.

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