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CertaOne 50-800 Series Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

1 Model: Modular 50 to 800 kVA

This modular UPS is designed for medium and large data centres. All modules are hot swappable with each cabinet having a maximum capacity of 800 kVA. Maintenance or capacity expansion can be completed in approximately 5 minutes. Efficiency is 96.5% at 20% load and 97% at 40% load. A reliable, flexible, and efficient power supply that reduces operating expenses. Safely and reliably adapts to a wide variety of loads, power grids, and environments. Reduces PUE with a low-load, high-efficiency design that is from 96.5% to 97% efficient at the average load. Fully modular architecture expands with business growth and online customer maintenance greatly shortens the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) to enhance availability. Provides the ability to reduce operating expenses with detailed management of critical power nodes and intelligent operation and maintenance.

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