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CertaOne  Series
Precision Air Conditioners

The CertaOne  air conditioner is designed for installation between IT racks and closely couples with heat sources to supply in-row cooling for medium - and high-density data centres. It contains DC inverter compressors, electronically commutated (EC) fans, positive temperature co-efficient (PTC) electric heaters, and electrode humidifiers. Cooling capacity ranges from 20 kW to 35 kW. Supports piping and cabling from top to bottom and is accessible from front and rear. The CertaOne features drawer type maintenance, easy O&M; colour LCD 7-inch touch screen, user-friendly interface; self-diagnosing system, simplifying O&M Energy efficient DC inverter design. It consumes up to 20% less energy than the typical industry average. It features graphical group control, on-demand cooling, 30% system-level energy saving. Reliability is delivered with step-less capacity modulation ranging from 10% to 100%, ensuring uninterrupted cooling; dehumidifying at a minimum 10% IT load, reducing condensation risk at low-load and high humidity situations.

CertaOne makes IT simple.

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