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Modular Data Centre Solution

Configurable from 5 to 15 kW 

The CertaOne small size data centre represents a new-generation data centre infrastructure solution integrating the PDU, UPS, rack air conditioner, and monitoring system within a comprehensive cabinet. Its modular architecture allows flexible expansion of IT cabinets. A single module supports a maximum of eight cabinets, including up to six IT cabinets. The IT load capability is up to 15 kW with the maximum power supported by a single cabinet with 5 kW/R capacity. A 250mm cold or hot aisle alongside single-row cabinets is configurable. PDU, UPS, monitoring and air conditioner components are integrated within the cabinet pre-assemblies, requiring only cabinet combination. Deployment time is typically under 4 hours. The IDS800 can be equipped with the CertaOne Eco management system to allow centralized monitoring and unified management including battery remote discharge, mobile phone APPs, SMS alarms, remote web platform control and centralised network monitoring.

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