Huawei FusionModule2000

Modular Data Centre Solution

Configurable up to 80 kW 

The Huawei FusionModule2000 is a new generation modular data centre solution with complete integration of cabinets, power supply and distribution systems, cooling systems, cabling systems, management software, and other subsystems. It supports flexible deployment with single or dual row, cold or hot aisle containment. The maximum IT power load is up to 7kW per rack. A single module is suitable for a small or medium data centre application with total IT load capability 80 kW within an area of 300 square metres. Multiple modules can be used to construct a large enterprise data centre facility. The FusionModule2000 features standardised Huawei devices, modular architecture with on-demand deployment capability. It is equipped with the Huawei NetEco6000 management system that allows centralised environmental monitoring and unified management.

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