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Noris Network replaces Power Backup Systems

Founded in 1993, Nuremberg based IT services company Noris Network is a leading pioneer in the German IT market. It offers a range of managed IT services including IT outsourcing in the areas of Internet Service Providing (ISP), Virtual Private Network (VPN), managed security, Voice over IP (VoIP), application hosting, terminal services, e-commerce applications and data storage/ backup. Its services are based on a powerful IT infrastructure that relies on its own high-performance backbone and multiple high-security data centers. It owns four data centres, three located in Nuremberg and one in Munich and today supports a range of well-known companies that entrust their IT networks to its care such as Knauf, Adidas and Puma.

As its customers depend on its services being continuously available, it also means making sure its UPS systems remain efficient and reliable at all times. It was with this in mind, the company made the decision to replace their UPS, starting with its data centre in Nuremberg. Florian Sippel, CTO, Noris Network explains: “We have a number of sites across Germany with UPS systems between six and ten years old. These were gradually becoming less efficient and more expensive to run. All our data centres are powered by renewable energy and we promote ourselves as being an environmentally friendly company, so it was clear we needed to start looking for a replacement solution.”

Wöhrle (Automation Technology) and Huawei Network Energy worked closely with Noris Network to scope the technical aspects and ensure the most effective power configuration could be delivered. Replacing them with the Huawei UPS 5000e has provided an ideal and cost-effective solution. Click here to read the full article.

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