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Replacement UPS Battery Cartridges

Integrated physical infrastructure and IT systems

Most UPS systems generate independent power with the use of UPS batteries, which are a configuration of sealed lead acid cells. Since mobility isn’t usually an issue, lead acid UPS batteries are the most economical method of providing backup power. Over time UPS batteries will wear out due to sulfation and age. This leads to loss of power capacity and run time. It is recommended that UPS batteries are replaced every 2-5 years. Specific replacement cycles may be found in UPS owners’ manuals. It is critical to use high quality UPS replacement batteries to avoid damage to the UPS backup system and to prevent hazardous conditions.

CertaOne can supply and fit replacement battery cartridges and kits for most brands and models. We provide batteries compatible with: APC, CyberPower, Datashield, Dell UPS, Deltec, Exide, Emerson, Fenton, Hewlett Packard, HP Compaq, IBM, Intellipower, Liebert, Maruson, MGE, Minuteman, Mitsubishi, ONEAC, OPTI-UPS, Powercom, Powerware, Safe UPS, Sola, Telecom, Topaz, TrippLite, Ultra, UNISON and more.


Our range of batteries for power systems in Australia is comprehensive. The majority are available same day or overnight to anywhere in Australia. Our service includes freight, removal of old batteries, installation of new batteries, checking the charging voltage, approved battery disposal and recycling.

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