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Data Centre Facility Management System 

Integrated physical infrastructure and IT systems

The CertaOne DCMS is a new generation data centre management system that enables operators to remotely monitor, manage and optimise the power consumption of data centres. The system achieves centralised management by using integrated controllers, managing the real-time status of data centre infrastructure components, including power, cooling subsystems, environment, video, door status and generates alarms if a fault occurs. DCMS supports industry standard protocols such as Modbus and SNMP. It can implement the underlying access port rapidly and can also be used for customised development. With its remote and centralised management, DCMS can greatly reduce site maintenance OPEX through fewer site visits. Moreover, the lifespan of data centre energy devices is prolonged and energy efficiency is improved.

  • Saves energy and OPEX

  • Centralised, remote, real time data

  • Remote web based control

  • Supports industry standard protocols

  • Customisable

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