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Management & Monitoring

Using the power of big data to increase uptime of critical systems

Remote Site Monitoring & Management


Availability of your client’s infrastructure is more critical now than ever before. Pro-active monitoring & maintenance of (hybrid) infrastructure components lets customers address issues before they lead to downtime.


Resell remote monitoring as a service

For partners looking to offer remote monitoring-as-a-service without investing in in-house resources, we can provide site monitoring and management as-a-service that you resell to your customers.


We implement and configure remote probes at your customer's site and we host and monitor the master node.

Deliver remote monitoring as a service

Alternatively, for partners looking to broaden their range of services by developing new in-house capabilities, we can help you develop site monitoring and management as a new customer offering delivered by your team.


In this case, your team implements and configures the on-site probes and monitors the master node. You have the option to host at your site, via the cloud or on our servers.

Integration & Compatibility

Our management systems are compatible with the network and server management systems you are already using, meaning the amount of training and investment required to offer these services to your customers is kept to a minimum.

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