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CertaOne for Chilled water Series
Precision Air Conditioners

These chilled-water precision air conditioners interoperate with chillers, chilled water pumps and piping to form a complete cooling system. Installed between IT racks and configured with EC fans, they help dehumidify and provide an in-row cooling solution for medium and high density data centres. Leading-edge, colour touch screen features and an innovative one-touch interface switch provide temperature and humidity curve displays for 30 day periods. The on site fan maintenance capability enables fan replacement without switching off the power. The range includes up and down piping, wiring and draining, colour LCD 7-inch touch screen, user-friendly interface and a self-diagnostic system, simplifying O&M. Utilizing EC fans with 94% efficient DC power modules the total rated power input is reduced to only 1.0 kW; The heat exchanger employs computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and a field synergy design to optimize heat exchange; heat transfer efficiency is improved by 10%. Reliability is enhanced by employing dual float and condensation pumps for smooth drainage during pump failure; dual power sources enable the air conditioner to automatically switch to an alternative backup power supply. Multiple EC fans provide backups to ensure a constant air flow.

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