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Huawei’s visionary innovations and extensive intellectual property give it a competitive edge.

Frost & Sullivan acclaims Huawei’s Rise to Eminence in the Global Modular UPS Market. For example, a notable product advantage of Huawei’s modular UPS systems is that it uses an innovative “all hot-swap module design” that aids the hot-swap of the power module, bypass module, and control module to aid capacity expansion. Its bypass module is designed to provide continuous power supply even at high load conditions. Huawei boasts four R&D centres globally for UPS systems, has obtained over 100 patents, and has considerable potential to further strengthen its position with its long-range, macro-level innovation strategies. It goes to great lengths to maintain a pulse on the market by not only analysing market trends but also studying customer feedback to identify and understand problem areas. Click here to read more.

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